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Great Lakes Hop Working Group

Cathy Bakker, University of Guelph, cbakker@uoguleph.ca
Brad Baughman, Michigan State University, baughm30@anr.msu.edu
Fulya Baysal Gurel, Ohio State University, gurel.2@osu.edu
Brad Bergefurd, Ohio State University, bergefurd.1@osu.edu
Lilian Claderwood, Cornell Cooperative Extension, lbc75@cornell.edu
Diana Cochran, Iowa State University, dianac@iastate.edu
Heather Darby, University of Vermont, heather.darby@uvm.edu
Jeanine Davis, North Carolina State University, jeanine_davis@ncsu.edu
Tom Dudek, Michigan State University, dudek@anr.msu.edu
Carl Duley, University of Wisconsin, carl.duley@ces.uwex.edu
Evan Elford, OMAFRA, evan.elford@ontario.ca
Amy Fang Shi, University of Guelph, afangshi@uoguelph.ca
Melanie Filotas, OMAFRA, melanie.filotas@ontario.ca
Mary Gardiner, Ohio State University, gardiner.29@osu.edu
Ann George, Hop Growers of America/Washington Hop Commission, ageorge@wahops.org
Amanda Gevens, University of Wisconsin, gevens@wisc.edu
Thom Harker, Ohio State University, harker.7@osu.edu
Harlene Hatterman-Valenti, North Dakota State University, h.hatterman.valenti@ndsu.edu
Mary Hausbeck, Michigan State University, hausbec1@msu.edu
Joshua Havill, University of Minnesota, havil008@umn.edu
Doug Higgins, Michigan State University, higgi160@msu.edu
Lori Hoagland, Purdue University, lhoaglan@purdue.edu
Erin Hodgson, Iowa State University, ewh@iastate.edu
Lynnae Jess, NC IPM Centre, jess@cns.msu.edu
Erin Lizotte, Michigan State University, taylo548@anr.msu.edu
Michelle Marks, University of Wisconsin, memarks2@wisc.edu
Judith Martin, Purdue University, marti861@purdue.edu
Jason McCallum, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Jason.McCallum@agr.gc.ca
Grant McCarty, University of Illinois, gmccarty@illinois.edu
Mary Ruth McDonald, University of Guelph, mrmcdona@uoguelph.ca
Stephanie Mehlenbacher , Cornell University, sms64@cornell.edu
Sally Miller, Ohio State University, miller.769@osu.edu
Steve Miller, Cornell University, sgm6@cornell.edu
Aaron Mills, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, millsaaron@gmail.com
Angela Orshinsky, University of Minnesota, aorshins@umn.edu
Diane Peck, Ohio State University, peck.258@osu.edu
Christopher Philips, University of Minnesota, cphilips@umn.edu
Ben Phillips, Michigan State University, phil406@anr.msu.edu
Julian Post, University of Vermont, jpost@uvm.edu
Charlie Rohwer, University of Minnesota, rohw0009@umn.edu
Holly Scoggins, Virginia Tech, hollysco@vt.edu
Laura Siegle, Virginia Tech, laurab08@vt.edu
Rob Sirrine, Michigan State University, sirrine@msu.edu
Rob Sirrine, Michigan State University, sirrine@anr.msu.edu
Chelsea Smith, Ohio State University, smith.7231@osu.edu
Kyla Splichal, North Dakota State University, kyla.splichal@ndsu.edu
Kathleen Sprouse, , Kathleen.sprouse@gmail.com
Al Sutherland, University of Guelph, asuthe02@uoguelph.ca
Julien Venne, Independent agronomist, julienvenne@gmail.com
Andre Venter, Western Michigan University, ventandre@gmail.com
Lauri, Vial, NC IPM Center, lvial@illinois.edu
Elizabeth Wahle, University of Illinois Extension, wahle@illinois.edu
Tim Weigle, Cornell University, thw4@cornell.edu
Ben Werling, Michigan State University, werlingb@anr.msu.edu
Michael Wilcox, Purdue University, wilcox16@purdue.edu
Bernard Zandstra, Michigan State University, zandstra@msu.edu

GLHWG Priorities 2016

The following attendee list, work teams, priorities and actionable items were developed on December 8, 2014 in Grand Rapids Michigan and reconfirmed with modification in April 2016 in Burlington Vermont. 

Work teams, members, priorities and actionable items
Members: Tom Dudek, Mary Hausbeck, Josh Havill, Melanie Filotas, Brad Bergefurd, Julien Venne
Priority areas: Sourcing clean plant material, virus testing rapid detection, virus regulation, grower education, virus indexing, certification
Actionable items: MDARD and GREEEN Research grants to look at downy mildew pesticide efficacy and develop diagnostic scouting guide for the greenhouse.  Virus surveying of greenhouse stock (December 2014)

Pest management
Members:  Brad Baughman, Erin Lizotte, Diane Brown, Chelsea Smith, Jeanine Davis, Melanie Filotas, Natasha Cerruti, Lily Calderwood, Josh Havill
Priority areas: Downy mildew management, IPM education, cultural practices for downy, herbicide protocol and registration needs, postharvest downy mildew management research 
Actionable items: Compile best IPM practices to date (winter14/15), contribution of information to IPM field guide rewrite (winter 14/15)

Members: Chelsea Smith, Brad Bergefurd, Rob Sirrine, Evan Elford, Jeanine Davis, Andre Venter, Julien Venne, Carl Duley
Priority areas: Processing, food safety, QC analytics, pesticide residues/MRLs, drying and packaging, pelletization
Actionable items: Educational sessions to present the known science of processing and storing hops (winter 14/15)

Members: Andre Venter, Josh Havill, Charlie Rohwer, Brad Bergefurd, Diane Cochran, Jeanine Davis, Julien Venne, Lori Hoagland, Lily Calderwood, Kyla Splichal
Priority areas: Region specific variety development, downy resistance, training date and associated practices, wild hop research
Actionable items: AFRI application for evaluating wild hop (March), training date study (January)

Crop management
Members: Jeanine Davis, Brad Bergefurd, Evan Elford, Melanie Filotas, Lori Hoagland, Charlie Rohwer, Diane Brown, Diane Cochran, Kyla Splichal
Priority areas: Nutrient managements (N), nutrient testing protocol and interpretation, irrigation, frost management, water use efficiency, fertigation

Members: Carl Duley, Brad Bergefurd, Jeanine Davis
Priority areas: Market accessibility, education and facilitation of cooperative grower efforts, grower group development, CoP, product quality and consistency

Regulatory/Internal needs
Members: Ann George, MElanie Filotas, Erin Lizotte
Priority areas: IR-4 registrations, central resource hub development, plant material regulation (certification and inspection)
Actionable items: Develop a prioritized list of pesticide registration needs (winter 14/15), apply for a NCIPM grant to formalize the GLHWG (spring 2015?), development of an interdisciplinary grant application (winter 14/15)